Arena Party, Belgium

League two

NetherlandsAgression (Netherlands)
FranceStorm (France )
GermanyRed Flash (Germany)
United-KingdomLondon Tigers 2
European-UnionFun Factory ( CPS)
GermanyAttack (Germany )
BelgiumCrossfire (Belgium)
European-UnionR.C A ( ES)
GermanyWicked Chicks (Germany)
NetherlandsArnhem DYENAMIC ( Netherlands )
FranceDruid Holiday ( France)


FranceRadikal Militia (France )
NetherlandsAmsterdam Notorious (Netherlands )
BelgiumIPWT Fun Factory (Belgium)
SwitzerlandMemento Mori Stafa (Switzerland)
NetherlandsArnhem lions 2
NO walls , NO limits Berlin

League two

GermanyRed Flash (Germany)
European-UnionFun Factory ( CPS)
GermanyAttack (Germany )
GermanyMunich Conflict (Germany)
RussiaRot Mi Nogi
GermanyFraggle Army Flensburg (Germany)
GermanyKingsize ( Germany)


GermanyBad Fingers ( Germany)
LatviaCrazy gun (Latvia)
FranceRadikal Militia (France )
GermanyOlympic Samurai ( Germany)
RussiaX3 (Russia)


CPS Arena Party


Probably you’ve already tasted Belgian beer and eaten Liege waffles. Maybe you’ve already seen the sights of Brussels and taken a walk along lovely narrow streets of Brugge and Gent….

Hitman One vs One

Tour de France 2016_1

Registration is open for Hitman! 29 of May lunch time !  

Registration is open for Living the dream

Penalty in CPS

AC2U8363 copie

So here are some thoughts about the format we played in Rome, and an explanation of why and what kind of ideas we have come up with. In a modern…

NRG (Russia)