Tour de France

Super league

FranceCamp Carnage (France)
FranceDruid (France )
Czech-RepublicML Kings ( Czech)

League one

FranceDruid ( France )
European-UnionFun Factory (CPS )
GermanyAttack (Germany)

League two

United-KingdomLondon Impact (United Kingdom)
NetherlandsAgression (Netherlands)
FranceLego Army (France)
FranceStorm (France )
United-KingdomLondon Tigers 2


United-KingdomMayhem knights ( UK)
FranceCharoffencive (France)
FranceFanatiks (France)
FranceCarré D as (France)
FranceCharognard (France)
FranceWild company (France)
FranceLego friends (France )
Paint festival , Austria

League two

GermanyRed Flash (Germany)
AustriaChaos Crew (Austria)
AustriaBandits (Austria)
CroatiaBlack sheep (Croatia)


AustriaRangers Bregenz (Austria)
GermanyBad Fingers ( Germany)
LatviaCrazy gun (Latvia)


Registration is open for Living the dream

Penalty in CPS

AC2U8363 copie

So here are some thoughts about the format we played in Rome, and an explanation of why and what kind of ideas we have come up with. In a modern…