Penalty in CPS

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So here are some thoughts about the format we played in Rome, and an explanation of why and what kind of ideas we have come up with.
In a modern paintball tournament after a traditional one for one or minor penalty, the team which received the penalty lost that point within 30 – 50 seconds in 80% of these cases! Which basically means the team which was penalised, cost them the point!
There are some hits which you don’t feel but you and your team will be penalised, and regarding the statistic you will lose that point! Or you can be even penalised by a mistake for the ref’s. We all know this happens constantly on paintball tournaments, spray from the bunkers, laying paint on the ground, especially on turf and during the slide it will look like a hit etc. . . .
So after we started running our Super league division with penalty boxes, we had some interesting statistics
When a team received a major penalty, they lost 2 – 3 points, so basically major penalty time was too long and had a huge impact on the game, a Minor penalty was also too long because a point was lost within 30 – 50 seconds
So our idea was to reduce penalty time:
Minor penalties from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
Major penalties from 2 minutes to 1 minute
Now we have Gross penalty for wiping, re-entering the field and malicious intent 90 sec. This is what happened after those changes:
One for one or minor penalty, here are some statistic after the new format.
36 games played, 179 points, 13 minor penalties, and 6 major penalties. 10 times after players left the penalty box, 6 times won the point after that!