News for the upcoming season

For the upcoming season we will introduce an extra division to our series, to allow teams at all levels to enter a division that suit them. Basically we will add an extra division just above the entry division. We felt a need for this seeing as there in our oppinion was a big gap between the top and bottom of the entry division, and a lot of teams stayed there because it felt like a big step up to League 1. 

The entry division which before was known as League 2 will be renamned and from now on be called Topball. We will keep this division as a race to 3 xball format and also keep the entry fee as it was for the entry division last season.

The new League 2 will be changed into a race to 4 xball format, allowing last years entry division top teams to take the step up to the next level and play same format as the divisions above them. The entry fee for this new division will be inbetween Topball and League 1.

League 1 and upwards will remain as they were last season, both in format and entry fees.