CPS rules

After using the penalty boxes in our top division for this whole 2015 season, we have decided to take it one step further and introduce the penalty boxes throughout all divisions. We feel the time is right and feel we now have the necessary experience to complete what was a dream of ours for a while now. Most players have heard about and seen the use of penalty boxes, it´s an extra and exciting element to the game of xball, and we believe it will be a fun experience for everyone now finally getting to try it out for themselves.

Besides introducing penalty boxes for all divisions, we have re-wamped the formats in all the divisions. First of all we have decided to remove the center flag and instead be using buzzers. We find this to be a more fun part of the game rather than center flags, because with buzzers a team is actually still able to “steal” a point even when the opponents still have players alive. This was rarely – if ever – seen with center flag. Second is that we have changed both the game time + penalty times after consulting with players and teams, who all were very positive about these new steps we are taking in trying to improve the game.

We have given this a lot of thought and feel we are on the right track to make for a more exciting and strategic game for all levels. So we are hereby proud to announce that we will be testing out our new formats at our last event of the year in Rome, making it an introduction to the CPS as it will look in the 2016 season. So join the fun and be part of the ongoing development of CPS and the paintball xball format.

Game time:
Topball 8 min.
League Two 10 min.
League One 12 min.
Pro 15 min.

Minor 45 seconds
Major 90 seconds

Penalty boxes + buzzers for all divisions!